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Research Focus of the Laboratory:

  • Cancer Biology

  • Microtubule Machinery

  • Genome Editing

  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  • Bioimaging Techniques

Centrosomes are major microtubule-organizing centers of the cell. It is consisting of a pair of barrel-shaped structures called centriole, surrounded by a cloud of protein called pericentriolar material (PCM). These cellular structures are involved in spindle organization, cell migration and cell polarization. Centrosome organization is highly regulated during cell cycle and any defect in its structure or number leads to genomic instability and thereby cancers. Using a combination of cellular, molecular and biochemical approaches, we are interested in understanding the molecular details of centrosome organization in mammalian cells.

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Latest News!
2023: Congratulation to Dr. Priyanka Singh for successful SERB CRG grant. Looking forward to more exciting science.
2023: Read about our
collaborative work on identification of prognostic hub biomarkers for predicting cancer risk in type 2 diabetes. Accepted in the Scientific Reports!
2023: Lab first PhD graduate
Dr. Sonal Jaiswal! Congratulations!
2023: Read about CPAP MCPH-associated mutations, which helped us to dissect the role of CPAP in regulation centrosome length and number. Paper accepted in the J Cell Science
Congratulations to Mahima Joshi for the INSPIRE Fellowship
2023: PS_Lab welcomes new graduate students, Nameeta Chaudhary & Mahima Joshi
2023: Priyanka Singh invited for a talk at  the Microtubule, Motors, Transport & Trafficking Meeting, IISER Bhopal.
2023: Sonal Jaiswal presented her research work at the 45th AICBC & International Symposium at BHU, Varanasi  
2023: Congratulation to Priyanka Singh for being promoted to Associate Professor
2022: Priyanka Singh invited for a short lecture at the FORCE-IICS conference, Agra.

2021: Congratulation to Priyanka Singh for the BRNS-Young Scientist Research Award
2021: Congratulations to Harshita Kasera for CSIR-SRF!

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